5 Types of Blog Content (and How to Write Them)


Many small business owners panic when they think about having to come up with blog content every week for the foreseeable future. After all, wouldn't you run out of things to talk about? Won't people get bored?

As a writer for hire, I have literally written hundreds of blog posts about small business. And I haven't run out of ideas yet! Here are some of the most popular types of blog posts you can write. Aim to include a nice mix so you don't have too many of one kind.

How-To Posts

People love to be told how to do things in simple, easy-to-follow steps. If you sell a product, you could write a post explaining different ways to use it. If you write a blog about fashion, you could write posts about how to accessorize, how to try the hottest trends, or how to shop for your body.

Keep the posts simple. Use numerical steps or bullet points to make the copy easy to follow.

Trending Topics Posts

Miley Cyrus. The Olympics. Starbucks soon to sell wine. These are all topics that have been buzzing through the webosphere in the past few months. Consider using them to launch your own content. You can write about them as news features if they're relevant to your audience, or you can use them to leverage some attention.

For example, when Miley Cyrus was big news a few months ago with her twerking, you could have taken advantage of that as a hot topic by writing a post called "10 Things Miley Cyrus Teaches Us About Business." Insert your own topic there, but you see how you're tying together your topic with something that people are already talking about.

Top 10 Lists

I don't think these ever get old. People like lists. Lists of tech toys. Software. Things to do to start a business. What to take on vacation. The list of list ideas is endless!

Vary it up by creating a Top 8 list or a different number. It takes people off guard, since they expect that number to be 10.

Opinion Posts

You likely have an opinion about things happening in your industry. Your blog is the ideal place to share it. Here's an example of my own: when Matt Cutts of Google said press releases weren't going to help a company boost its SEO, I wrote a post with my thoughts on the subject.

Just remember your audience here. You don't want to alienate them if your opinion is too left-field.

Event-Centric Posts

Don't forget to look at your calendar to get inspired for blog content. Holidays and seasons offer ample opportunity to generate traffic. If you're in retail, fourth quarter provides plenty of opportunity to talk about Black Friday and leveraging sales. If you're an accountant, January until Tax Day in April is prime time for useful tax tips.

You can even use weird holidays to generate topics, like Lawn and Garden Month in April.

These are just a few of the types of content you can come up with to engage your readers and continually have new topics to write about.

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